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Seattle Mediation Solutions

I am invested in helping you find a solution to your legal dispute. After years of experience in litigation I am committed to helping people find effective and efficient solutions to their conflicts. Whether parties are on the eve of a trial that will affect their children, or have just gone into conflict with a long-term business partner, I bring the participants to the point of a sincere effort towards resolution.

The exclusive service I provide to clients is the resolution of their legal issues outside of the courthouse. I wish for my clients the opportunity to build their settlement in a facilitated and collaborative process but I am also available to bring a decisive resolution to those cases caught in litigation.

I have been practicing law since 1985 in Seattle and greater Western Washington, and I have been exclusively engaged in alternative dispute resolution since 2007. I have worked in small firms and as a solo practitioner. My clients have included individuals with simple issues and companies with complicated disputes. I have handled all varieties of family law issues, business transactions and disputes, real estate and probate cases. I understand the dynamics of the commercial world and the personal dynamics of disputes that directly affect individuals.

     Providing mediation services in Seattle and Western Washington

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